Monday, December 07, 2009


Thought I'd upload some sketches from my trip to California. I went with my good friends Kris Pearn and Matt Jones. We spent a whole week in a car together and didn't kill each other. But a pidgeon did die. They're both amazing artists and I found it a very inspiring trip- I have finally been bitten by the sketchcrawl bug and just want to draw all the time now. It is also my very first Moleskine, thanks to Donnie Long, and I can see what all the fuss is about and where my next paycheck will go. In reverse order they are!---

Tanners Coffee Shop, Playa Del Rey. Lovely beach side part of LA.

San Francisco. I don't think I spent enough time here to learn how to love this city. Every place has it's own rhythmn. We found a great bar in Haight, by far my favourite area in SF.

Jakes bar in Portland. I'm considering drawing and painting this one up. I LOVED Portland!


Salt Lake City showed us a good time for our one night stop over. Great rock pub which served excellent food and then into The Red Door martini bar where I got drunk in the name of trying everything. If I met any mormons, I couldn't tell the difference.

Hermosa Beach where our journey began in LA. 


Matt J said...

Maybe you didn't meet any Mormons but you were travelling with two morons!
Grand collection of travel sketches- my fave is still Hermosa beach.
Thankfully one of us remembered the names of all the bars we went to!

CLARKE said...

What a great way to see your trip Jess, really see what YOU saw. The blog is looking marvellous. Thankyou for visiting mine Merry Crimbo x

the doodlers said...

I like the way the water on the Hermosa beach page frays about. Sounds like a road trip to remember.

"TORI CAT" said...

Hi Jess!!!

Great to see you on blogger!!
Im loving your life drawing!! Great stuff!!
And im also really keen on seing more for "Dad's Coat"!!
Looks like you guys had a blast in America!!
Are you still at Aardman?
Hope all is going well.
Thanks for looking after mw when i was at Aardman. It really wasnt a good time for me..... i loved it there, just unfortunately my mind was not in a good place. Since then, Sadly i have had 3 more operations.... and if you remember, my poor Grandad had a heard attack. It really took its toll on my test. I would have loved to have stayed!!
Hey ho, i guess it jus wasnt meant to be.

Hope every ting is going well for. Would love to see you for a propper catch up some time.
I love Matt;s drawings of your american road trip!!

Take care and and great big hugs!!

Mark Tompkins said...

Hey Jess!

Sounds like so much fun you had in America, should go drawing when you are in London sometime

Jess said...

Thanks Matt, yeah I think the name on the door was the last thing I remember from each of the nights out.

Thanks Jay, lets keep up the bloggin this year aye!

Hi Doodlers, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, it was a great trip.

Wotcha Tori! Thanks for the comments, I hope things are going better for you now. Will hopefully see you soon xx

Hey Mark, yes lets go for a sketchcrawl next time I'm in town! That would be wick-wocks.