Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Moving house. Finding forgotten things, like receipts, bits of string I thought would be useful one day, old love letters and this sketch of Rachel. She'd come in for a chin-wag and then had a snooze on my bed. Pretty much sums up living together (aside from the wall climbing, dancing and bed-diving). I'll miss our housematey times. Change is good. You keep with you the things that matter. Recycle the things that don't. I keep thinking of a Douglas Adams quote at the moment, I can't remember it exactly but it's along the lines of - 'ask yourself, does it matter? And if it matters, does it matter that it matters?'
It's late and I'm talking shit.


"TORI CAT" said...

Beautiful Jess!!
I so get the whole last minute inspirations... i'm currently browsing the tinterweb when i shud be sleeping... and seeing pretty pics like this make me wanna start scribbling right now!! What to do, do i whip out the crayons at 3.30am when i have to be up at 6am or shud i hit the hay?? where was this inspiration at a sensible time in the day when i'm watching friends and drinking tea!! Grrrr... these drawing inspiration times always hit you at stoopid o clock!! Grrrr!!

Anyways... Lovely work me love!!
Hope your keeping well... im planning on coming to Bristol in the not so distant future for some fun times!! i'll let you know when im venturing down, so you to can be a part of the fun times too!!

PS, i wanna get a copy of ur Spiffin' book- cant want to give it a good ol goosey gander!!

Ok, im gunna get scribbling before the inspiration goes!!
Thanks for the inspirational stoopid Oclock drawing push!! :D

Lots a

Jess said...

Hey Tori Cat! Cor, happy to inspire you! But I would say at 3.30am with an alarm call of 6am, it's defo hay-hitting time. Hope the drawing was worth it :) See you soon! xx

Adam said...

Love this drawing, really expressive and loose. :)