Friday, October 05, 2012


During the summer I was asked to pitch for a commercial that was targeting a post-modern, cake-baking/business-making woman. The girl who wears the clothes and lives elements of a repressed, 50s housewife life as a way to express her femininity in these trouser-wearing times. The Cath Kidston girl.

This girl is not me. I may lindy hop several times a week to 40s swing songs, dress a little 'vintage' and swear I was born in the wrong era, but CK is too fussy for my lifestyle. I'm more muddy boots and farmhouse tea loafs than beautifully iced cupcakes. I think I express this in my female characters. They like to look good but can you climb a tree with a clutch purse or cycle in heels? Lord no. (There is nothing wrong with being a CK girl at all, just different strokes for different folks. Also, I love the dresses and cardigans in there.)

But I wanted to win the job. I trawled through my old work looking for more feminine drawings but all I found were femme fatals and oddballs. So I spent an evening girlifying my portfolio. It was an interesting exercise and I thought I'd share the transformations as I dipped my toe into a butter-iced world.

First up, Moon Sun turned Girl in a Musical Who Might Be In Love For The First Time.

Next, a face from a page of London Commuters I drew about three years ago jumped out at me. This is a little darker, more like one of my characters, feels more like a comic panel. I hardly work in colour so I glad it came out ok. I think this is my favourite. 

After that I realised I had to lighten the tone.  Based on a wholly different character (who would never be caught dead looking so girly), this girl looks like a swing dancer at a Sunday Tea dance. I want her bike.

It did the trick, I got the job!


Anonymous said...

I love that bike!


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Hummingbird Girl said...

Hi. I love illustration of girl and a bicycle it reminds me of my bike which I really love ! Beautiful blog, I love it.